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Note: Each right answer +4 marks and Each wrong answer -1 mark.

  1. Question 1 of 10

    Two unequal masses are tied together with a compressed spring. When the cord is burnt with a match releasing the spring the two masses fly apart with equal:

  2. Question 2 of 10

    A body of mass 2 kg moving on a horizontal surface with an initial velocity of 4 m/s comes to rest after 2 sec. If one wants to keep this body moving on the same surface with a velocity of 4 m/s, the

  3. Question 3 of 10

    Ths shape of our milky way galaxy is

  4. Question 4 of 10

    Ratio of force and acceleration measures

  5. Question 5 of 10

    An object will continue accelerating until:

  6. Question 6 of 10

    If the length of a simple pendulum is halved then its period of oscillation is

  7. Question 7 of 10

    The different colours of different stars are due to the variation of

  8. Question 8 of 10

    In conservative force fields, at equilibrium, potential energy

  9. Question 9 of 10

    Asteroids revolve round the sun between which of the following two planets ?

  10. Question 10 of 10

    When a barometer reading suddenly recedes, it indicates that climate-