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Here you can watch, learn and perform experiments and also understanding of physics concepts using experiments, realistic applications and project reports.

  • Were I a photon, how would I perceive the world and how the world would perceive me?

    It is known from the Earth that it traverses a distance of one meter in 2.15*10-3 seconds; or a second is the time that it takes to move 465 meters. Thus the photon moves 3*108 meters in a second. And if we define the unit of measure on the basis of the photon’s motion, in fact a meter is the distance that the photon travels in 33.33*10-10 seconds. It can, therefore, advance thousands of meters in a hundredth of a second.Let us say that the photon is an object or a physical person who performs his tasks at such an incredible speed; how can he perceive, this fast and cunning photon, the rest of the world?
  • Black Light

    Know that the photon has a short life but also a long life you’d think that it has seen the whole Universe. If you look at the corners of the Universe, you see flashing lights that come to you and carry the secrets of 13 billion years ago. The photon, as a messenger, revive the past moments; as a little angel illustrates the whole universe; without it, the darkness would dominate the universe… darkness, grief, one over another ... This courageous minuscule has brought us with him the lighting of life, the existence, the heat ..The domain of electromagnetic spectrum is very large and a small region of it is called the Visible Region. It contains packets of elemental energy, from red to violet. Apart from this, there is also the partially visible region that is clearly perceptible for two observer groups. The lower region called Infrared and the upper one called Ultraviolet
  • New Definition of the Colorfulness of Photon

    n SALEH THEORY, we believe on the helical motion of photon, of which r is the gyroradius around an imaginary axis. This means that the photon has two simultaneous motions: rectilinear motion at constant speed and rotary motion at constant angular velocity.The visible spectrum is one of the concepts that have attracted much comment. In SALEH THEORY the distinction of spectrums is due to the gyroradius; and its changes induce the colorfulness. In fact, the increase of the gyroradius means reciprocally the widening of the wavelength. For example, the long wavelength of the red spectrum is a result of the high value of its gyroradius r, while for the blue spectrum, it’s the opposite.
  • One billion suns: World's brightest laser sparks new behavior in light

    By focusing laser light to a brightness one billion times greater than the surface of the sun -- the brightest light ever produced on Earth -- the physicists have observed changes in a vision-enabling interaction between light and matter.
  • How the Sun Shines

    What makes the sun shine? How does the sun produce the vast amount of energy necessary to support life on earth? These questions challenged scientists for a hundred and fifty years, beginning in the middle of the nineteenth century. Theoretical physicists battled geologists and evolutionary biologists in a heated controversy over who had the correct answer. Why was there so much fuss about this scientific puzzle? The nineteenth-century astronomer John Herschel described eloquently the fundamental role of sunshine in all of human life in his 1833 Treatise on Astronomy:
  • History’s First Science Experiment

    I’m going to talk about two of the first science experiments in recorded history. One was allegedly performed by the Prophet Elijah in Israel in the 800s BC [1], the other by the Pharaoh Psammetichus in Egypt in the 600s BC.
  • U.S. Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017

    I've been waiting for this for a long time and it's just a little more than a year away now. This will be the opportunity of a lifetime for people in the U.S. The 2017 solar eclipse will be visible across the width of the entire U.S! The points of Greatest Eclipse and Greatest Duration are going to occur on opposite sides of the Kentucky - Illinois border.
  • Frame of Refference

    My essay Explaining Rolling Motion raised some commentary about frames of reference and their equivalence when solving physics problems. I wish to pursue the idea of shifting one’s frame of reference because its use is relatively uncommon in introductory physics courses.
  • General Relativity as a Guage Theory

    The fundamental interactions of the Standard Model are described by Yang-Mills theory.